Welcome to my biography page.

This family web site and blog was launched in December of 2008 as an attempt to make our examples and website experience more useful to visitors than are interested in buying the EZGenerator web generator software. It's not just a standard site, almost all EZGenerator features are included in one of these website  pages.

"Our Website" is the online home of John Doe and the Doe family. We live in Thurmont, Maryland.
For his day job he runs the web design and support of the SIBR company. (Some Internet Related Businesses). This company has a great web disign tool available for you to use.

Previously he managed the web team for OWDC (Other Web Development Company), which is especially active in the European Union.

In the evenings John keeps up his blog, stays current with the party scene and enjoys outdoor water activities like wakeboarding and kitesurfing.



EZGenerator premade page layout options:

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EZGenerator allows you to work fast by selecting predefined project types.

Each of the project types includes some specific pages by default, but you can easily add extra pages (BLOG, Calendar, MP3 player, Podcasting, E-commerce, Google Adsense, Google Maps, RSS, ...) and/or customise the default ones.
Each page has a range of different layouts to choose from.
The layout on this page for example is a biography page layout.


John Doe



John Doe

Job title

Senoir web development manager.

Head of customer support for the Internet Related Businesses company.

Career Objective

Get the best possible computer knowledge spread among as many people as possible.

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Educational Qualifications

Sound engeneering Royal School of Art.

Master in sound design London School of Music.

Master in computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing

Loves fast cars



EZGenerator list and bullet feature options:

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EZGenerator has a list and bullet feature included. You use bullets to create unordered lists.

Adding lists/bullets in EZGenerator is easy - along with the default lists (disk, number, letter and roman), a set of suitable bullet images is automatically generated for the Web Template you have selected.