Check out my cool flash banner made in EZGenerator banner maker.


EZGenerator banner maker:

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In EZGenerator you can embed Macromedia Flash (.swf) in your web pages.

The banner maker included in EZGenerator allows you to create your own banners starting from versitile premade templates.
You can fully customise almost all settings to create a unique banner for your website.

These small Flash banners give a lot of options to add movable text on your page.

You can add your own text or logo.

The Flash contents are not directly previewed in the Web Editor. Instead, you will see a graphic representation (matching the size of the Flash banner).

This is me and my mini moto. 
I love it to own my own mini moto. I was so happy when my parents gave me this mini moto as a present. It is really what I wanted.

Look to the right to see a picture of me on my mini moto.
It is my first moto with a real engine and gasoline. I had an electric moto before, but that is just for kids.
I have to say that my mini moto is a brilliant thing, and I will ride it for a long time. Maybe I'll get a big moto later...

Read more about my mini moto adventures on this page.

I am a huge fan of water and water slides. Whenever I can you will find me in a waterpark. I nag my dad all the time to  take me to the nearest waterpark for a few hours.

In the photo on the left I just came out of the slide. I love water parks that have a beautiful collection of slides.
The band slide is my favourite. When you get in a raft with 3 or 4 people, you can have big fun.

When the water park isn't crowded and I can do a lot of slides I'm happy. I don't like to wait for a slide for hours.
I don't like it when the steps to the slides are narrow. I get a bit scared than, a lot of people push and get close to you  when waiting in line.
The most often I go to the Crosswinds Indoor Water Park. It's nearby and my dad doesn't like long drives.


EZGenerator Rollover and other image effects:

checkout the full software options at

In EZGenerator you can add different effects to an image.

The effect shown here is a rollover image.

Other effects are:

Make Image Draggable

Blend Image

Alert - to display an alert box with a custom text

Blend Hover

Experts can use the Custom Effects option to enter their own custom scripts.



Real fun at the water slides.