Ages of family tradition.

The Doe family reaches far into the 17th century.
And has a wide range of not necessarily connected relatives around the world.

Known throughout the world.

Doe is the most widely used placeholder name in the United States when it comes to anonymous characters. There are many unknown persons surnames in other languages, in most cases these aren't related to the English name John Doe.

Take any police, detective or other crime related television program, film or book and you will surely to find a relative of the Doe family in them.
European roots.

Our family comes from England, and our name was used at least as far back as 1659.
Together with the first English immigrants, our name travelled accross the ocean and became common in the United States.

Family unknown in other teritories?

The Doe family is not spread in all countries of the world. They do get there by US television and film productions that are distributed in countries all over the world. However take the Netherlands where our family is called 'nomen nescio'. I admit this ancient latin name sounds quite fancy.