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EZGenerator EZGenerator Flash objects options:

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In EZGenerator you can embed Macromedia Flash objects (.swf) in your web pages.
These Flash objects allow you to add any Flash .swf to an EZGenerator page.
You can find premade flash objects on the internet.
When you have a flash editor program available, you can create your own Flash objects to use in EZGenerator.

The Flash object contents are not directly previewed in the Web Editor. Instead, you will see a graphic representation (matching the size of the Flash object).

Jack Doe, known as DJ Jack debuted not so long ago on WKEZCS radio. He was a real revelation when winning the stations talent scouting radio program "I'm the Dj". As a small kid he already experimented with turntables and mixers, when it became obvious he's got a gift for Dj-ing.

Winning the contest made him host of his own childrens radio program: Jack's Mega Kids Party™ on wednesday afternoon.
This made him also the youngest Dj radio WKEZCS ever had.

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