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On these pages, get to know our family members.
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The idea of this site is to show you the power of the EZGenerator website creator software.

EZGenerator will allow you to make beautiful graphical websites with smooth navigation in no time. Based on more than 2000 pre-made graphical templates, everyone will find its choice!

You don't need any special skills to make a web site using EZGenerator. All you need to, is to type your content as you do in a Word processor. As easy as that!

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In addition, EZGenerator is great when you have a collection to show. This example database will show you a small collection of Jane Doe's work. We use the special Catalog module for that. Have a look at my paintings collection here.



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  • John

  • Jane

  • Jack

  • Jim

  • Jex

John Doe

Hi, I'm John Doe.

My dayjob as a support engeneer makes me blend in with the computer screens around me.
I don't get enough of them computers.
At night I create websites as a hobby. Make sure to check out my blog with lots of information on how to make your own website stand out.
When you don't find me before a screen, I ride my bike. Cruising throughout the country on some highway in any of the states you can think of.
Go to the page of John Doe

Jane Doe

My name is Jane Doe.
I'm a painting artist.
I fell in love with paint a long time ago. Ever since the time I started making drawings as a little girl. Each canvas makes me loose myself in the creation process, from the initial composition to the painstaking detailed finishing touch.
My paintings can be viewed in many galleries. Check out our calendar to find out where an exposition is open right now.

See some examples on my personal page.

Go to the page of Jane Doe

Jack Doe

Hi dudes, I'm Jack Doe.
You might also know me as Dj Jack.

I play in a great band. We really rock.

And you can hear my radio show on WKEZCS radio every wednesday afternoon.

Find our Jack's Mega Kids Party™ tour in your neighbourhood soon. Check our calender for the dates and the shows subject this week.

Go to the page of Jack Doe

Jim Doe


welcome to my families site. It's also my site where I post photo's and stories about the things I experience.
Most people who come to this site will probably already know me.
I go wild in my tree house.
When I see water ... I have to jump in.
I can really freak out on my motor bike.
View my  Jim Doe page!

Jex our family cat

Jex is our family cat.
She's very cute and loves to stalk all family members in convincing them to play with her and her bal.
She's very good in catching spiders. Even if they aren't real.
Jex doesn't like to wander off too much. She's mostly in or close to the house. Here favorite cuddly toy is, what did you expect, not a mouse, but a rat.

Go to the page of Jex our crazy cat

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